Monday, January 14, 2013

Today 3

Today, I saw an elderly gentleman with his walker sauntering through Hasting's without a care in the world. He approached an elderly woman sitting at one of the tables playing on her iPad. He said, "Hey there, Good lookin'. You ready to go?"

"Yes, handsome," she replied. She closed her iPad case, grabbed her cane, and rose from her seat. After she steadied herself with the cane, she walked to her beau, and placed her hand on his. Hand in hand, they made their way out the door.

The sight of the two warmed my heart, and I thought to myself that I hope my DJ and I are like that when we reach their ages. I hope that the fire from our passion never dies. I hope that the love holds strong, and I pray that each day will continue to be better than the last, as it has always been. I love my DJ so.

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