Monday, September 24, 2012

Fair 2012

Well, the West Texas Fair and Rodeo has come and gone once again. I did not get many pictures this year, as I feel I am losing my inspiration. I prefer to photograph the fair in the evening due to the bright lights of the rides, but this year, most of the rides had the exact same color of lights as the other. There was very little variation in color as you can see from the above picture. The fair was great, as usual, and I was there for the roasted corn. Sadly, I received the last cob, and it was a small one, but that is fine. I am on a diet after all. The booths were interesting, but I have noticed that their was no uniqueness to be found except for two boothes. One had silver & turquoise jewelry, and the other had silver and amber jewelry. All of the other booths seemed to have the exact same thing as the next. No wonder everyone around here is dressed the same with the same jewelry. I, on the other hand, look for the odd and unique. The art exhibit was large, and the items that won best in show were very unique and interesting. We stayed to watch the tractor pull, but the noise was too much for Damien to handle. We didn't stay long. I seldom go to the livestock exhibits or rodeo anymore, as the boys are not interested. It was nice to sit back and relax if I tired this year since the boys are old enough to amble on by themselves. The weather was cool, and the food was delicious.

Friday, September 21, 2012


I have recently had the pleasure of shooting Damien's friend, Nicole. I don't shoot people often, so I wanted to practice, and Nicole was allowed me to use her for a subject matter. We had a lot of fun shooting at Cal Young Park, the old Burlington Station, and Evermans Park.

At first, Nicole seemed a bit nervous, but she was a great sport. I told her to just be herself and relax.

Nicole is a good model, as she was able to express a variety of emotions through the use of her eyes and facial expressions.

After I decided to close up the shoot, Damien & Nicole decided to goof around together. I added a fun artsy flair to this photo to fit the mood in which the moment was captured.

Nicole is a very good friend to Damien. She has really helped him to come out of his shell and enter this world of ours. Before befriending this nice young lady, Damien did not enjoy going out in public. Now, it is something that is tolerable.

I have made a CD with 100 of the best photos to give to Nicole, and these are just a few of of my favorites. I also included a senior picture collage, as Nicole will be graduating at the end of the school year.

Thank you, Nicole for allowing me the opportunity to capture you.