Tuesday, January 1, 2013

15 Day Blogger Challenge ~ Getting to Know the Blogger ~ Day 10

15 Day blogger Challenge

15 Day Blogger Challenge - Getting to Know the Blogger

This challenge is open to any and everyone who wants to get to know each other a little better in the blogosphere. I encourage you all to make this challenge your own. There is no special format to follow or rules on posting. Do your challenge in 1 day by answering all the questions at once or do it in 90 days. Just have fun!

Challenge Questions:

10. Why did you start blogging and what is your blog about?


I have always been a journal keeper. From the time that I was a child, I have had a journal with my thoughts, poetry, artwork, stories, dreams, and diary. I currently have several blogs. One is for Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD), one is for my artwork/literature, one is for my photography/travel, and one is faith based. On Wordpress and Tumbler, all of my blogs are combined, and on Blogger, I keep them separate.

My ASD journal is my journey through life as being a quirky, geeky, eccentric teen through adulthood. I have recently learned that I was never so odd as I thought; I have tested to have Asperger's Syndrome. Of course, that doesn't change anything. I am still quirky, geeky, and eccentric. I also share stories of what life was like being raised with an uncle with autism and cerebral palsy, and I share stories about being the mother of a child with autism. Because I graduated from university with a degree in special education with an emphasis in autism, this blog also includes papers and research about autism. I have included, from time to time, other mental disabilities, neurobiological disorders, and mental health issues. This is for several reasons, I do have other family members with these.

My artwork and literature blog is where I post my creative writing exercises, poetry, short stories, and artwork. I dabble in inks, pastels, oil pastels, oil paints, acrylics, graphite, charcoals, Conte crayons, water colors (Chinese and regular), Sharpies, and colored pencils. I sketch, paint, and stipple. A lot of times, I also do digital artwork.

My photography/travel journal is just that. I post pictures that I have taken of people, places, and things. There is usually a description of where I was, what I was doing, and what kinds of filters were used. I photograph everything from nature, to people, to industrial parks, to animals. I enjoy photographing what I see and sharing it with my blog followers. I wish to some day have a gallery of my own where I can display both my photography and my art.

My faith based blog is my exploration of my faith. I have learned throughout the years to have great faith and spirituality, you must question your faith and spirituality. This is my personal journey through my beliefs and faith. My goal is not to offend anyone; and if one takes offense to what I say or write on this blog, then they should check their own faith. This is just a journal where I try to make sense of what I have studied and learned since I was a small child.

I have been blogging since 2000, and I have had blogs up for that long. I have spent years meeting new people through my blogs; and through my blogs, I have learned that many people all over the world are no different from one another. I believe this is a good thing, for it will help us learn to come to peace with one another. We all love our friends and families and would do anything for them. We all want to live free from poverty and illness, and we all want to live in peace.

I can be found on Autism Support Network; Blogger: Art, Faith, Photography/Travel, & Autism; CafeMom; DeviantArt; Facebook; Flickr; Goodreads; iWitness Weather; LBPLinkedIn; Myspace; Pandora; Photobucket; Pinterest; Spore; StumbleUpon; Tumblr; Twitter; WordPress; Xanga; and Youtube.

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