Saturday, November 26, 2011

Zachary, Joei, Mom, and Gary

My family just left from visiting DJ, the boys, and me. I had so much fun with Allyssa here for the week. It was good to see Zachary, Joei, Mom, and Gary. I am so proud of Zachary, and I really feel that Gary has been good for all of them. I will miss them all very much.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Cedar Gap and Abilene

Damien and I went exploring today. We were the only two people out of bed, and we did not want to wake anyone. So, we decided to find places to take pictures. We went south of town on 84 where we noticed a small cemetery. The historical marker said that the cemetery was for Cedar Gap, which was a small town in the area. All that is left of the town is the cemetery and the steps of the church. The cemetery had quite a few graves of soldiers including one Confederate soldier. We also came across three very old headstones together with the same day of passing on them. It was a mother and her twin children on each side of her. The cemetery is quite and peaceful.

Damien and I went on down the road that the Cedar Gap Cemetery is and took a left at the end of the road. Here we discovered the Cedar Gap Bird Sanctuary and Nature Trails. Damien and I explored the trails on which we found some creepy bones that had been set out to dry. On the trail, we had gone about five feet in, and Damien said, "Momma, I don't feel comfortable here." I told him that all would be well. About another fifty feet in, Damien and I heard a low growl. Damien asked, "Can we go now?" I told him that we should, but we should not act startled and take off running. We got to the car and left. I am so glad that we escaped what ever made that sound. From now on, I am listening to Damien because his natural instincts hone in much sooner than what mine do.

Next, Damien and I stopped at the roadside park just north of the Cedar Gap Cemetery. Here we found many fall colors, and it was absolutely beautiful. While I shot the park, Damien posed like he is a super model. We had a lot of fun playing around at this park.

Damien and I ended up on Bandera Drive where we found these neat little white puffy plants.

Damien and I travelled to a park just off of Martin Luther King Drive in-between Treadaway and Judge Ely (the first street east of the Martin Luther King Bridge on the north side of Martin Luther King Drive). Here we found a bunch of birds flying around the large power pole next to the creek. From here, we could see the old West Texas Utilities (WTU) plant. The water in the creek was black and stagnant, but the birds were strong and amazing, so I took some shots.

Damien and I ventured to the other side of the creek in order to get better shots of the WTU plant, and we found a railroad track and graffittied wall under the bridge.

Next, Damien and I made our way downtown to the Courthouse. We stopped there to photograph the soldier memorial. I never knew this was here, and saw it by chance. This memorial is dedicated to all of the past and present wars and all branches of the service.

Next, Damien and I made our way to the part of town with all of the old warehouse and shipping yards. Here, we found the old paper mill, Burlington Train Station, Furniture Warehouse, and other loading docks.

Damien and I stopped to photograph the Church of the Heavenly Rest and Sacred Heart before we returned back home. I don't think Damien and I have had as much fun together as we did today.