Thursday, January 10, 2013

Today 1

Today, I was parked across the street and a block away from two young men in their car while I waited for the boys to get out of school. Their bass was pumping so loud that I couldn't hear my own music on my stereo. I was kind of glad they gave me a reason to shut down the car. They really saved me some gas. Unfortunately, they didn't save any of their own because their engine had to stay running to keep a charge on their battery. Their car died when they tried to take off. I offered some help but was quickly turned away by the passenger, who said, "Shut up old lady. We don't need no help from you." I felt for the driver as he blushed and apologized. I told him, "Don't worry about it, honey. You gave me something to talk about."

Today, I saw a grown man holding a baby girl with his ass hanging out of the top of his britches covered only by thin, worn, and almost translucent boxers. Can you imagine how embarrassed his baby girl will be if he still dresses like that when she starts school? To all grown men, cover your asses. The world don't need to see that; and if you have children, they don't want to and should not see your underwear. Develop some self-respect. I'm glad DJ has enough sense to know I'm the only one (other than his doctor) who should see what should be kept private.

Today, a man carrying a satchel full of car stereos tried to sell one to me in front of my apartment. I thought this man has a lot of nerve considering my stereo had been stolen from my car parked in front of my apartment. I told him to leave or I was going to call the police. He hot-footed it out of there PDQ. I wonder if this means I met my thief today?

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