Saturday, May 5, 2012

Cinco de Mayo and Super Moon

For Cinco de Mayo, DJ and I searched and searched for the Cinco de Mayo celebration. I wanted him to experience a Cinco de Mayo celebration and to see the Folklorico Dancers. I finally looked up the Abilene Reporter News Mobile site on my phone and found that the celebration would be at Saint Vincent Pallioti Catholic Church. We went to the church, but there were no dancers and there were very few booths. I checked the church's website and saw that the dancers would be dancing later in the evening, so we went home for a few hours.

As evening neared, I became antsy and asked DJ if we could go ride around before going on to the celebration. We decided to head for the little park next to the old train station in the downtown area. We noticed that there were a lot of kids at the park dressed in formal ware. Some of the kids donned masks, and I remember Damien saying that the prom for Cooper was going to be a masquerade ball this year. I took a few pictures of the flowers and some butterflies, and we decided to go on.

When we got back to the truck, I saw interesting molding on the building we parked on.

We made it to Saint Vincent Pallioti's, and I photographed the dancers while DJ looked on. The crowd was energized and the dancers were excellent. There were three classes of dancers, pee-wees, junior, and senior. Of course the pee-wee dancers were adorable, and they all did a great job.

The junior dancers looked like they were having fun as they danced, and a little girl that we saw dressed up at K-Mart earlier was with this group. I recognized one of the little boys dancing as well. The skirts of the dancers flowed through the air and billowed out from them as they would do their twists and turns.

My favorite dancer with the senior group was the eldest of the dancers. Not only was she a great dancer, but she also looked like she was having a great time. The other dancers were great too. I loved watching the women dance in perfect synchronization.

After we left the Cinco de Mayo festival, we stopped at Sonic for drinks and a hot dog. We took our dinner and drinks to Lake Kirby where I hoped to photograph the Super Moon. Unfortunately, the clouds blocked the Super Moon. DJ and I talked while we watched the sun go down. We watched the clouds watch tumble across the sky, and we threw our hands in the air and allowed the wind to brush across our skin. Cinco de Mayo was a day and a super night.

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