Saturday, May 12, 2012

Kirby and Downtown

DJ and I went to Lake Kirby to take pictures of flowers. We watched as two brilliant, red cardinals flew from tree to tree. Unfortunately, I did not get any pictures of the cardinals, for they were too fast, and I don't have the zoom that I long to buy. The firewheels and sunflowers glowed in the sunshine, and the softness of the flowers were a wonderful compliment to yet another beautiful day.

DJ and I headed from Lake Kirby to the downtown area to take pictures of the park since I had not gotten to take the photos I was yearning for last weekend. We noticed the back of a very interesting abandoned warehouse. DJ is starting to get to know me pretty well, because he noticed the beauty in the way that nature was taking the building back.

DJ and I learned that the train station has an underpass that goes from South 1st under the train tracks. There are two gates on each side of the underpass where the passengers from the train would climb up to come and go from the train. The park was donated by the Presbyterian Church.

DJ and I walked hand and hand as we made plans for our future. We talked about possibly opening a gallery assuming we can get the money to do so. He talked about doing woodwork to sell in the gallery along with my artwork and photos. We talked about possibly getting a place to live at the Hotel Wooten a.k.a. the Abilene Towers. We talked about how it would be nice to finish our lives at the same place that we begun our lives in together. DJ and I lived at the Tower, and it was the first place that we lived in on our own. We used to sit at night and make plans for our future by the light of the Paramount Theater. Our apartment looked right over the Paramount. As we walked by the Paramount, I looked into the windows to get a glance inside, and a woman that works there gave me permission to come in and photograph the theater. My photos do not do the Paramount justice.

I don't know what I would do if I didn't have DJ in my life. I feel these sight seeing outings we do are bringing closer and closer together, and I love each and every moment with him.

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