Thursday, November 15, 2012

Petition for Secession

As a resident and native of Texas, I am very disappointed in very few of my fellow Texans, who want to secede from the Union. I am also disgusted about the fact that people in other states are generalizing that we are all wanting to secede.

Fact #1: ALL FIFTY states have a petition to secede, and people have signed ALL of those petitions.

Fact #2: As of now, ONLY 101,328 people have signed the petion. There are 18,279,737 adults in the State of Texas. This means that 18,178,409 adults in the State of Texas have NOT signed the petition. Many of my colleagues and my self, who are all Texans, think the 101,328 are acting childish and immature because they did not get their way.

Fact #3: During the election, in Texas, 4,555,799 (57.2%) people voted for Romney. 3,294,440 (41.4%) voted for Obama. 112,560 (1.4%) voted third party. This makes a total of only 7,962,799 (43.6%) adults in Texas voting. This means that 10,316,938 (56.4%) of adults in Texas did not vote. Therefore, it is very possible that a lot of the people signing the petition did not vote. (I cannot be sure of this, but people, you have to admit it is possible.)

Fact #4: All you need to sign the petition is an email address. This makes me question the entire process. POSSIBILITIES: It is possible that people, who are not registered to vote, may have signed the petition along with people not eligible to vote, such as prison inmates. It is also possible that people have signed the petition more than once, and that some of the people that signed the petition are not adult. Furthermore, non-residents can sign the petition, as well as many of the illegal immigrants that live in the State of Texas (and, yes, we do have a lot of them).

Fact #5: Some cities in the State of Texas have petitioned to secede from Texas if Texas secedes from the Union, two of which are El Paso and Austin.

Fact #6: People say that the electoral college needs to be ridded of, and the popular vote does not count. GO BACK TO SCHOOL PEOPLE! The popular vote determines the electoral college. And regardless of what you may think, Romney did not get the popular vote either. 62,154,057 voted for Obama. 58,798,967 voted for Romney. The last time that I checked 62,154,057>58,798,967, unless math has changed since I was in school.

If you DO NOT VOTE, then you DO NOT have a say; so hush! Quit your belly-aching, and grow up. If you truly want the world to change, motivate people to vote; because your vote DOES count.

For the rest of you, please, please, please stop making generalizations about people in Texas. We are not the type of close-minded, rednecked, immature, boot-stomping, belly-aching conservatives that the media has led you to believe.

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