Monday, October 1, 2012

Cooper High Fall Choir Concert

Fall has come upon us quicker than ever it seems, and with the coming of the new season, it was time for the annual Cooper High School Fall Concert. Just as with every year, I am proud to attend the concert to watch Dylan and his peers sing. I find myself in disbelief that Dylan has grown so much as both a child and a singer. It seems as if it were yesterday when he had first fell in love with singing and made District Choir while in the fifth and sixth grades. I feel as if only a couple of months have passed since Dylan was performing "Wild Thing" in the middle school choir. I find myself with bittersweet thoughts that Dylan is now a high school sophomore and in his second year as a member of the Cooper High School Choir. This year, Dylan is a member of the Junior Varsity choir, as the Cooper Singing Men has been disbanded. Dylan seems to enjoy Bel Canto more, and I am continually catching him singing songs they are practicing at school.

Tonight, Dylan was dressed in his tuxedo with his new blue tie, and I could not pass up the opportunity to photograph my handsome son with his handsome father, my husband, Darren. With them standing side by side, I noticed for the first time how much of a young man my Dylan has become and how much Dylan favors his father.

Realizing the moments with Dylan at home are numbered and fleeting, I also took this opportunity to have Darren photograph me with Dylan. Since I am normally the one behind the camera, the number of photographs of me with my children are limited. We took the serious shot, but I also wanted a picture that showed how the relationship between Dylan and I has blossomed and developed over the years. Dylan is not just my baby, but he is also my comical friend. We bounce witty comments and jokes off of one another, and we rarely take one another seriously unless the time and situation calls for a seriousness. No matter how mad Dylan gets, I can always make him laugh and vice versa. He understands that laughter is the best medicine when a person is feeling down, and this child has never failed to make me laugh. Therefore, I relished the idea of having a photo that reflects this. It only took a matter of seconds for me to make Dylan laugh.

Dylan, Darren, and I arrived at Cooper early, and Dylan was quickly off to join his peers in the choir room. Unfortunately, Damien was unable to attend the concert, as he was home ill. He will be fine, for this is a sickness that comes with humidity.

The auditorium was fairly empty, so DJ and I searched for a place to sit changing spots several times while searching for the optimal seats for photographing the concert. As usual, the seats we chose happened to be on the opposite side of the stage as what Dylan would be standing. Next time, I am going to make sure I know exactly where he will be standing.

The ROTC Color Guard presented the American and Texan flags, and the crowd stood proudly, listening to the Concert Choir singing "The Star Spangled Banner." After the color guard exited the stage, Bel Canto took the stage. They sang, "Gloria," "I Dream a World," and "Shine Your Light." I photographed the group as well as I could with the limited zoom I have with the lens that came with my Canon. I am ever so anxious to purchase a new zoom that will give me the more versatility I crave.

Regardless of my inadequate photography options, Bel Canto sang beautifully. I had to hold back tears as I watched my baby boy, my young man, Dylan, sing his heart out. The other groups, Red, Rhythm, and Blues, Les Chanteurs, and the Concert Choir sang their songs each and every one having to do with the theme of light. Each group sang beautifully, but my heart this year belongs to Bel Canto.

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