Monday, August 13, 2012

Sunflowers and Rain

DJ and I went for a Sunday evening drive when we came upon a patch of sunflowers that was accessible from the road. I took my time exploring the beautiful flowers and photographing them.

Many of the flowers were being visited by guests in the form of bees, butterflies, and grashoppers.

I found it interesting that each insect I found feasting on the patch of flowers were colored the same as the sunflowers.

The sky rumbled with thunder, and it began to lightly rain, so we headed down the road. I had hoped to catch lightening, but the lightening was sparse and was not centralized in one general area. As we continued on, I watched intently in the hopes of catching something to shoot. Soon, we found a freshly plowed field with a patch of wildflowers, grasses, and an antique tractor sitting in the middle. The rusty colors of the earth compliment the colors of the tractors.

The rain caught up with us once again, and we drove on to find something more to shoot. I was anxious to photograph the beams of sunlight breaking through the clouds. The red earth below contrasted greatly with the blue tones of the clouds.

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