Monday, July 16, 2012

A Sunset with Damien

I was itching to get out of the house and photograph a sunset, as I have not taken pictures of the sunset in a while. DJ was otherwise occupied, so Damien chose to go with me to photograph the setting sun. Before I shot the sun, I decided to shoot one of the many fields of the huge, round bails of hay.

These big bails of hay remind me of a time when I was young and naive. The summer and fall that I lived with my friend, Vicki, I would often climb upon the hay and lay back to watch the sky. I spent days getting some sun on top of the hay, and I spent nights watching the stars twinkle high above the earth.

It was upon one of these bails of hay that I spotted my first UFO, a triangular shaped set of lights that darted across the sky. I now know that the UFO was a test plane for the US Air Force,  Stealth Bomber, otherwise known as the B-2 Bomber. However, the government at the time denied knowing what the lights were, so at the time it was unidentified. Living close to Dyess Air Force Base, we did suspect that the base had something to do with the strange lights. We were just unsure what.

It was upon these bails of hay that I would dream of a future of happiness and peacefulness. Here I would lay dreaming of the day that I would find love that was true. Here I would lay dreaming of exploring the vast world around me.

Years have passed, and not all of my dreams have come true. But, I can truly say that I have found love both conditional and unconditional. I have found happiness and peace with myself, though I have lived a hard life. And, I continue to explore the world around me, though I am unable to explore as far as I wish.

Off we took again to find the perfect place to shoot off some shots, and I stopped the car to quickly capture a lone tree before the falling sun. The sun revealed itself from the clouds that a moment earlier was hidden. The miles of empty field provided a nice backdrop for the lone tree.

As the night dipped further toward the earth, Damien waited patiently while I shot the magnificent sight. The camera scarcely captured the immense beauty of the setting sun. The golden orange sky filled with pinks, blues, violets, and reds before the sun fully disappeared from sight.

It was a beautiful evening to capture the sun with Damien. He got the opportunity to view a beautiful sight, and I was given the opportunity to share it with my boy.

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