Friday, July 13, 2012

Deep Shit Cattle Company

78-year-old Mack Stark renamed his cattle ranch to Deep Shit Cattle Company after stepping in cow manure during one of his long days of cattle hearding. Unexpectedly, the new name and new sign turned his cattle ranch into a tourist attraction. The Deep Shit Cattle Company is located approximately two miles northwest of Gustine, Texas on Highway 36. Stark's sons made him the sign for the ranch gate as a gift.

If you travel from Abilene to Galveston the way that we do, you will find this ranch ten miles southeast of Comanche. I always forget to photograph the sign as it makes me laugh each and every trip that we make. This time, with DJ remembering where to stop, I was given the opportunity to photograph the gate. I feel that this picture stands out from the rest I have found on the internet thus far due to the giant bails of hay and perfect sky.

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