Monday, June 11, 2012

She's More Than Just a Cat

Sometimes, when we explore the world around us, we forget to explore and study the things that are closest to us. One of those things for me is our beautiful Princess. Princess is our family cat, but she is more than just a cat. Princess is the comfort when we are sad, and she is my son's best friend. I adopted Princess in March of 2006, but out of all of the household members, she chose Damien as her boy.

A Boy and His Cat ~ previously posted here
I have always heard there is a connection between children with autism and cats; but until I adopted Princess, I never realized how true it is. Damien says that he understands her, and Princess understands him. He says that she is a lot like him, and I know it is true. Princess doesn't like to be touched, held, or cuddled unless she is ready. She doesn't like to hear arguing or bickering; and when you are sad, she tries to make everything better. Princess is naturally curious about the world around her, and she has difficulty understanding those of us who live alongside her.

Waiting Patiently ~ Previously posted HERE
Of all of the things that make Princess more than just a cat, it is her dedication to Damien that makes me love her the most. Princess cries when Damien is off to school or work at the zoo in the mornings. In the evening, when Damien leaves to clean his grandmother's house or walk her dogs, Princess waits by the door as long as he is gone, waiting for him to come home. Occasionally, she will wait in the window peering out in hopes to catch sight of her boy.

Princess is the one that first pierced that bubble that Damien had been living in, and she has helped us pull him into our world with us. She takes care of him as much as he takes care of her. Princess is his muse when he writes, and she is his best friend. So, here's to Princess, our other family member. Thank you for being Damien's best friend.

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