Friday, June 15, 2012

Justin Snow's Special Teamers 2012

Every year for the last eleven years, Justin and Troy Snow have hosted a camp in partnership with West Texas Rehabilitation Center (WTRC) and Wylie High School for children with special needs. Also helping with the camp are local high school football players, and the following local sponsors: Abilene Regional Medical Center, West Texas Utilities, Lonestar Land , Blake Fulenwider, Hartmann Brothers, Olson Construction, Buffalo Wildwings, Taco Bell, and Bare Foot. This year was the seventh year that Damien has had the opportunity to be a part of this camp.

Justin Snow is a 35 year old long snapper for the Indianapolis Colts, where he has been playing since 2000. He graduated high school from Abilene High School, and received a degree in Speech Pathology from Baylor University. Justin has chosen Speech Pathology for the same reason that he hosts the camp every year, as he had a brother with Cerebral Palsy that passed away in 1998. WTRC was an vital part of the brother's treatment. All of the children that attend the camp are past and present clients of WTRC. Justin stated that he enjoys doing the football camp, and he looks forward to it every year. He stated that it is an honor to have the opportunity to watch the children that return to his camp every year grow from young children into adulthood.

Damien is one of the past patients of WTRC. Before Speech, Occupational, and Physical Therapy, Damien was a totally different child than he is today. He could not speak to the point of people truly understanding him, and he had difficulty understanding what people were saying to him.  Though there are still communication difficulties, Damien is no longer near as frustrated as he would get before. Damien had great difficulty writing, drawing, and doing anything that required fine motor skills. Now, he can do all things that require fine motor skills, draw, type, shave, and cut his fingernails. He can tie his shoes and button and zip his pants. Though writing is physically painful, Damien can write; and he writes well. Damien couldn't catch a ball, had difficulty running, couldn't ride a bike, and couldn't rollerskate, but today he can do all of these things. Without his therapies at WTRC, I do not believe that he would have been able to be as successful as he is today.

As I stated before, Damien attends the camp every year; and it is something he enjoys doing every year. Damien said, "I look forward to going because I always have fun. It gives me something to do in the summers, and I get to meet new people." So, to Justin, WTRC, the local ball players, and the local sponsors who have made it possible for my son to have many great memories, I would like to thank you.

Below Photos Taken By West Texas Rehab (all photos above are my property):

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