Monday, March 12, 2012

Kirby, Gap, and Barkeley

March 10, 2012
Lake Kirby
The rain and cold weather prevented me from trekking around the lake as I am used to. I was still able to take some great shots of the rose and candle that DJ bought for me, which I placed on the rocks at the water's edge of the lake.

DJ has always bought me roses because he knows that they are my favorite flower. When we first got together, DJ was an over-the-road truck driver. He would bring home one single red rose to me after being away for several weeks at a time. On our fifth anniversary, DJ paid to have a single red rose tattooed on my ankle. He stated, "I have given you a rose that will last forever."

Buffalo Gap Cemetery
DJ and I ventured off toward Buffalo Gap. We passed the small town and the Perini Ranch where we found the Buffalo Gap Cemetery on the west side of the road. The cemetery happens to be the oldest public cemetery in Taylor County. The cemetery has an open air chapel where Cliff Swallows have built their nests out of caliche in the rafters. The cemetery is the most beautiful cemetery that I have ever seen. The graves are well cared for although the names of many of the departed have been worn away by the weather and wind. Many of the graves have ornate tombstones, and the older are surrounded by rock barriers. One rocked area contains the grave of a mother and her infant. A Mountain Cedar grows between the two, and I like to think that the tree eternally unites the mother and child with one another. The cemetery is well shaded by tall evergreens, and the flat mesas provide a natural picturesque backdrop for the scenic cemetery.

Camp Barkeley
On Highway 277 not to far out west from Caps, DJ and I found Camp Barkeley. The camp was a medical training facility during World War II. Camp Barkeley was at one time as large as Abilene. Today, the camp is deserted and has been turned into rich farm and ranch land. Most of the camp is now owned by 1st Choice Feeders.

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