Monday, March 5, 2012

Taylor County, Texas

Ah, Taylor County, the place I call home. Taylor County is located in West Texas just below the Panhandle area; a place called The Big Country, to be more specific. Although I am a transplant to Taylor County, I was born and raised in the Big Country and have always called the Big Country area my home.

Taylor County was first created in 1858 and was named for three brothers, Edward, James, and George, who lost their lives defending the Alamo. Although Abilene is currently the county seat of Taylor County, Buffalo Gap was the original county seat from 1878 to 1883.

Taylor County is host to many major industries including cotton and grain production, oil production and transportation, farming, ranching, trucking, and boat manufacturing to name a few. Taylor County hosts two major hospitals, Hendrick Medical Center and Abilene Regional. Taylor County hosts three universities, Hardin Simmons, Abilene Christian University, and McMurry University, one additional college, Cisco College, and four trade schools, American Commercial College, Texas State Technical College, Texas College of Cosmetology, and Neecee’s College of Cosmetology. Taylor County has a plethora of places to shop from the national chain level to the groovy and unique shops, such as Kohl’s and Cassy’s, and the dining in Taylor County is just as varied and exciting. From Bonzai Japanese Steak House to La Popular, you can satisfy most cravings in the area.

Taylor County is known to me, as I said, as home. It has laid host to my family and I for the last twelve years. It is the place I have come home to three times before that, and I enjoy Taylor County for many other reasons.

I love Taylor County for it’s sunsets and it’s warm weather. I love to watch the storms that roll through and to feel the rain when we are lucky enough to have rain. I enjoy the breeze that rushes across the rocky Caliche covered ground. I love the vast open skies, and the vast open spaces. I love to watch the sunflowers and bluebonnets blossom when the weather warms. And, as odd as it may seem, I love Taylor County for the year round birds, and the strange little plants and trees that are indigenous to the land. This blog will take you through my journey of exploring not only Taylor County, but also the surrounding area on a tight budget, which many of us living in this economy are familiar with.

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