Saturday, January 21, 2012

Fort Chadbourne

DJ was getting antsy and decided that he wanted to take a drive. We hopped in the pickup and headed west down Highway 277. While winding up and down the rocky hills, I saw a sign for San Angelo. I told DJ that I have never been to San Angelo before, so he decided that he would take me to the small city.

DJ and I soon came up to a sign that said Fort Chadbourne. Afterwards, there was another sign that said Fort Chadbourne Cemetery. We pulled into the small cemetery and soon began to realize that most of the people in this cemetery have the same last name.  There were graves dated back to the mid to late 1800s.

I told DJ that we should drive into the fort and check things out. There were signs that stated that the fort is open to the public, and they directed us to enter on our own and to shut the gate behind us. The fort had several ruins, but there were several other buildings that had been renovated. The reception hall can be booked for events. To find out more information about the fort, check it out here: Fort Chadbourne.

When we got to San Angelo, we decided to go to O.C. Fisher Lake. I was very shocked when we got there because the lake was no lake. There was no water to be seen, just shrubbery and bramble. Other than that, San Angelo was no different than Abilene. 

On the way home, I took some pictures of the windmills at the windfarm on the top of those winding hills.

Overall, DJ and I had a great time, and we found the trip very, very interesting.

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